Artificial Daisies - UV Resistant


$23.97 $24.99

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  • 13"H. One package includes 6 bundles of artificial daisies shrubs. One square foot requires 2-3 Pack of this artificial flowers to fill.
  • For both indoor & outdoor use, the vibrant color of this lush artificial daisies bush can easily brighten up the space and bring your home a fresh piece of the great nature.
  • The whole artificial flower shrub is made of plastic, will not be damaged by sun heat. Can be placed in your kitchen, balcony, yards, garden, sidewalks etc.
  • Dusts accumulated from long-term use can be washed away with water, If you place them outdoor, the rain will do the job for you.
  • The fake greenery plants are packed tightly for shipping, Please stretch out the sprigs to get the best looking of the artificial daisies shrubs. If the flowers fall off, they can be inserted back in the stem without glue.

Color: Daisies - White

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