Ambient LED Lighting and Natural Waterfall Sounds Décor, 6.10”x4.25”x10”


$44.97 $66.99

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  • Fits conveniently on tabletops, dressers, desktops, nightstands, and counters. Ideal for the home or office. Perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, communal spaces, and more.
  • Relax with the sound of trickling water as it mimics that of a natural waterfall. The flowing water collects into the basin like sounds of a lake, ocean, or river gently flowing nearby.
  • Perfect for use as a night-light or to help wind down after a stressful day. Soft, glowing light reflects off of the water for a calming effect.
  • A thoughtfully crafted indoor water feature that fits your current home decor or office space. Neutral colors with a white backdrop add to any space, creating an inspirational decor piece for any environment.

Color: White

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