Portable Head Massager with Charging Base for Stress Relief and Deep Cleaning



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  • Use this head massager to make yourself a head spa in your leisure time. The scalp massager has a total of 4 presses, each massage head has 19 nodes, a total of 76 nodes. The structure of the node is made of silicone and provides a gentle 360° massage experience to promote internal circulation of the scalp and relieve stress.
  • Two massage modes, gentle massage and accelerated massage, provide a stimulating 3D finger kneading massage experience. It takes only 15 minutes to eliminate fatigue and stress of the entire body, and relieve headaches and dizziness. The starting point of the design is suitable for the scalp, simulating finger massage, just like your teacher performs spa treatments. You can make a spa for yourself, or you can make a spa for your family and friends.
  • The scratching head is made of food-soft organic silicon, which will not harm the skin. You can safely use it on the body, head, hands and back to give a muscle massage to the whole body.
  • USB wireless vibration mode, can massage the head, legs, back, deep clean the roots of the hair, remove dandruff and other dirt, while cleaning the scalp, it can also promote hair growth.
  • Dry and wet dual purpose, made of waterproof grade IP66 materials, you can enjoy head massage even in the shower, USB wireless charging mode, no need to connect to the power supply when using, small size, easy to grasp, You bring a more enjoyable experience.

Color: Gray-white

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