12 Pcs Eyebrow Razor


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  • Eyebrow Razor Packaging: Total 12pcs face razor with 2 different design: straight and foldable, 9pcs straight facial razors: blue, pink, yellow, 3 in each color, 3pcs pink foldable eyebrow razors, help remove eyebrows, neck and face fine hairs, 2pcs brush for cleaning trimmer, 1pc eyebrow scissors for trimming flawless brows, also coming with 3pcs free gift eyebrow stencils for drawing ideal shape, all professional facial dermaplaning tools in a plastic container box for collection.
  • Face Razor Material: Stainless steel dermaplaning blade + ABS resin, the stainless steel single blade razor with long-lasting sharpness, smooth and delicate, not easy to rust, each blade with fine micro guards help to protect skin, razor trimmer head with a protective razor cover, lightweight and anti-slip handle for easy control and shape your eyebrow.
  • Use Part: Precision face razor for women can gently and painlessly remove excess eyebrows and eyebrow shaping, eyebrow shavers also can be used for hair removal such as shaver peach fuzz, facial beard, sideburns neck, labial ministry, hand etc, easier than waxing, pulling or threading.
  • How to Use: Care-soften facial razor with warm water or women shaving cream, remove the safety cap from the face shavers, gentle glide hair removal kit on a 45 degrees angle, gently slide down according to the direction of hair growth to fix the perfect eyebrow shape, be careful not to press hard, finally apply moderate skin care product around the eyebrows.
  • Easy to Clean: Use our small cleaning brush to take off the remaining hairs on the blade, spray alcohol on the blade and wipe excess with towel or tissue, be sure to cover facial exfoliator eyebrow razor with a protective razor cover after each use. (P.s. keep far away children's reach)

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